Hybrid ryegrass

Hybrid ryegrass - Lolium x boucheanum - Hybride raaigras - Bastard Weidelgras - Raygrass hybride
Sowing rate
40-45 kg/ha as main crop, 20-25 kg as intercrop
Main crop in summer ans autumn, as intercrop in cereals March and April
Sowing depth
1-2 cm
Row distance
As cereals
Spring 80-100 kg N/ha. After every use or cut 60-80 kg N/ha, in use as cover crop 80 kg/ha
Acrobat,t Boxer, t Bridge, t Delicial, t Dorial, d Fleurial, t

The favourable characteristics of Italian ryegrass and perennial ryegrass are brought together in hybrid ryegrass. Hybrid ryegrass has a quicker spring development than perennial ryegrass and gives under good conditions a high production during 2 to 3 years. Winter hardiness is better than in Italian ryegrass.



Acrobat is an Italian ryegrass type, early hybrid with a very high rust resistance, which gives an abundant yield. Its good health makes it attractive to livestock that will appreciate its palatability and forage quality. It is suitable for types of livestock and management type; grazing, silage or hay and will recover quickly after grazing.


This tetraploid perennial type is outstanding for its very strong early establishment and high early vigour, good health and rust resistance. Even in sub-optimal environments, this variety will perform well.  It is suitable for both grazing and cuts or silage and will produce very high yields all through the season.