Biofumigation blends


This is a carefully blended mixture of Ethiopian mustard, white mustard and oil seed radish, mainly to reduce soil borne fungi. Sowing rate is 15kg/ha in early spring or summer, 1-2 cm deep. Biofumigatie in summer and incorporation in autumn.

  •  50% Brassica carinata
  •  10% Sinapis alba
  •  40% Raphanus sativus


This blend is preferable used in late sowing and for late winter/early spring incorporation field rotations. It is targeted to reduce soil born fungi. This blend contains winter hardy crops which, under normal circumstances and normal European weather conditions, will not be killed by frost. Sowing rate is 15kg/ha till early autumn, 1-2 cm deep. Incorporation after March the first.

  •  50% Brassica carinata
  •  10% Brassica napus
  •  40% Raphanus sativus


  •  30% Eruca sativa
  •  70% Raphanus sativus

Trio is suitable for both nematode control and biofumigation. Trio has a very high level of glucosinolates that makes this variety ideally suited for biofumigation. Trio is relatively slow to germinate but can flower 50-60 days after sowing. Next to its unique glucosinolate profile, this variety is resistant to a number nematodes: Beet cyst, M. chitwoodi, M. fallax and the (sub-)tropical root knot species M. incognita and M. javanica.